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Like many of you, I started playing football in the street. Not in a place or in swimlane 40m eip 80m wiggersventurebeat. Directly on the street, especially in a small cavalcade perpendicular to one of the most important avenues of my city. As a goal we used to use a garage door with permanent ford, of course, had a special care with the cars of our parents and friends, but especially with those old curmudgeon who always threatened to call the police or, worse, to our mothers.

Those memories rebumbios of play centers, or batches, including egg, are punctuated by the voices of my mother and friends, anxious, warning: Watch out for cars. If you do not run the ball escapes behind her.

We, like good kids, trying to cater to the advice of our elders, but unconsciousness inherent age, or passion for the game, or pique with friends, or mere eagerness to retrieve a ball that moves away, caused sometimes the pot and we were behind the ball corriésemos up the avenue, going without looking at the road, between two parked cars either. Yes we have taken fright, and surely many of those anonymous drivers had to brake with more or less urgency to avoid them we spend above the heart to point out the mouth.

Something happened last Monday at the crossing Iván de Vargas, the Carabanchel district in Madrid. Alonso Ezquerra, seven years, stepped into the road to retrieve a lost ball and a van could not avoid the collision. Hours later died in hospital.

The child, educated at the College Football Villa de Madrid, was part of the youngest team of Real Madrid since last June and within days was turning eight. From what we heard last night on The Rail Chain BE by mouth was his coach at the EFVM , A young technician 24, Alonsito, as he calls it, painting ways. He had put 37 goals playing at left back and, despite his young age, and showed that character need to take the gloves and put the sticks when the goalkeeper was injured.

The club chaired by Florentino Perez has performed commendably with Alonso’s family. Both the president and other board members, the first team captains and other homegrown and Morata, were present at the funeral and last night at the Bernabe Trophy, observed a minute of silence before the start and the white players behaved black bracelet.

From Football Notes we want to send our condolences to the family and applaud Ezquerra Alonso of Real Madrid’s conduct in this unfortunate mishap.

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