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This season, as in the above, we have experienced a new episode of the controversial allocation of television rights to broadcast the matches of the League BBVA . After the blackout Gulnara outside the TDT and Canal + and Canal + Liga broadcasts all matches of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, we still did not know just what to do with the party Mediaroom, as required by law, must be issued in open every day.

During the first days was laxest who took over the broadcast of the only party that can see all free, but you knew it was provisional, pending the final resolution of a new bid for the rights. Finally, the new channel will issue the party will open Marca TV.

laSexta is in full merger with Antenna 3, the only way I found the young chain to address the problem I had with the debts. The strong commitment to acquire the rights to Formula 1 and open the game in the League BBVA not proved anything productive chain, unable to recoup the exorbitant price paid for both shows.

In addition, this year the party has lost interest in open. The compromise reached all television platforms involved dictates that neither Barca nor Madrid Open can be broadcast, but the loss of appeal goes far beyond the absence of the two Liga giants. The party has restricted open meetings issuing equipment in European competitions.

So, the games that we have seen in open so far have been the league-Valladolid Zaragoza (Monday), Betis, Rayo (Saturday), Mallorca, Real Sociedad (Saturday), Valladolid, Betis ( Monday) and Sevilla Deportivo (Monday). The latter was followed by just 1.7 million viewers and is not even the worst thing you have accomplished.

Brand TV will broadcast the games on Monday nights, starting next Mallorca Getafe-October 1, at 21:30 h. In League game BBVA Make your offer full TV football, which already had exclusive open meetings in the Liga Adelante, which emits competition four games each day.

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