Massage Chairs Review: Omega Massage Recliner

You, as a consumer, have a tremendous variety in technological options to choose from with a massage chair. This is excellent from the standpoint of choice, but it also presents a learning curve challenge.

The best massage chair line comes from Omega massage. They provide strong, therapeutic massage with stylish designs. They provide comprehensive warranty coverage and build rock-solid massage chairs.

If you are in the market for a massage chair, check out the top of the line from Omega. The montage premier massage chair is a total therapy center. It not only has a variety of massage techniques but also comes with other therapies to provide for your relaxation needs.

The montage premier comes with five full body automatic massage programs. Choose the massage you would like to receive and this recliner goes to work. You can select from things such as relaxation, night, morning, vitality and activation.

These effective massage therapies will soothe and relieve your aches and discomfort. Many people underestimate the importance of relaxing your mind. The mind needs to let go to release the tension is holding over the body. The montage premier is designed with this in mind.

Relax your mind with soft, rhythmic music. This massage recliner comes with an MP3 player and included headphones. No other high and massage chair includes music in their chairs. The montage premier also comes with other complementary features to massage therapy.

There are built-in heaters for full body relaxation. Heat is commonly applied to help sooth muscles, reduce swelling and enhance blood flow. The heaters come with individual controls so that you can apply heat only where it is needed.

Check out the midrange model from Omega. This is the Prestigious massage chair. This is a handsomely designed massage chair with highly varnished wood armrest. It also comes with a matching designer side table.

However, do not let the good looks fool you. This massage chair has very invigorating and soothing massage therapy. The Prestigious massage chair is one of the strongest massage chairs and the mid tier market.

It has a penetrating and thorough treatment which deeply penetrates through the muscles of the back and shoulders. This massage chair also gets the lumbar area very effectively. The rollers seem to go lower than practically every other model we have tried.

The Orion massage chair by Omega is a full body capable chair priced at just $1000. The Orion comes in a handsomely designed chair and features automatic programs and manual programs. It has the capability to massage the back, the buttocks and the legs.

It even has a hidden holder for the remote control. The Orion massage chair comes with three manual massage techniques. It also has automatic programs that run the entire chair. One of the special manual techniques is the sway massage.

This way massage provides a side to side motion similar to a Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. This is very relieving to the shoulders and back. Anytime you are shopping for a big-ticket item like a massage chair, be sure to examine the warranty. Warranty coverage is your long-term insurance on your investment.

Omega massage has one of the most comprehensive warranties for its products in the industry. It is important to note that you will get reliable and quick service if it was ever needed. What we like about the Omega massage chairs are their designs, affected massage therapy and long-term reliability.

They provide comprehensive warranty for their products and prompt and courteous service is there is ever an issue. If you are looking add a massage chair, then check out the best like Omega massage chairs.

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