Exciting Gift Ideas & Inspiration for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

When browsing the internet and, indeed, when exploring the high street, looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, it can sometimes be frustrating to just find the same toiletry sets, chocolate boxes, and normal pamper hampers in every store.

So, to help you think outside the box and make your partner smile, here are some exciting gift ideas and inspiration for your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

A Hot Air Balloon Ride 

For a gift idea that is as romantic and thoughtful as it is adventurous and daring, why not treat your beloved to a hot air balloon through the skies above the town in which you grew up and started your lives together as a couple?

For extra brownie points, you could even workout where below you on the planned route will be the venue you attended on your first date and where you first told each other that you loved each other. 

Toys for the Bedroom

If you and your partner have an active sex life, then treating them to a gift from your local sex toy store would be a fun joint present to bestow on them and if, understandably, life has gotten in the way of such matters lately, then such a gift is an even better idea. 

You could choose one yourself, create a gift box of joy as a surprise, or moreover arrange to look through the vast array of stock together and choose something which will benefit both of you. 

A Treasure Hunt

For those with small children, or indeed other professional or personal responsibilities which mean that you cannot go out for the evening, then a fantastic alternative adventure to spending lots of money going out for the day is to set up a treasure hunt in your back yard. 

If you have kids, then you could setup a family treasure hunt, but if this is specifically for your girlfriend or boyfriend, then you could do a romantic trail with chocolates and flowers around the garden and yard, culminating in a tent erected in the center of the garden for a romantic night together underneath the stars. 

A Customized Hamper

The fourth suggestion for a unique and incredibly thoughtful gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this year is a customized hamper.

The beauty of choosing a hamper as a present is, even though the idea is usually automatically associated with food and drink, once you choose a beautifully ornate basket from the wide range available online, you can fill it with exactly what your partner loves.

A soft toy is always a good starting point, maybe the same animal as your own pet you share, as well as a luxury selection box of chocolates and even some homemade fudge or toffee. Also include their favorite scented candles, a set of luxury toiletries, and a sentimental card too, and watch them delight in opening and exploring their bespoke hamper.

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