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Why Install a Cat Door in Your House?

If you own a pet, you will already know the amount of time and effort that goes into it. Even cats, which might not be as demanding as the dogs, need attention when their owner is not available to allow them into and out of the house. But if you install a cat door, then even if the owner is not at home, the cat can go in and out as it pleases. Other types of pet doors that are available include the dog door so that your dog can go out when it needs some fresh air or to do its job.

Some cats just love going in and out every so often and keep meowing at you till you let them out. They can disturb you when you are watching your favorite TV program or perhaps when you are fast asleep in the middle of the night. But if you have a cat door installed, it can come and go as and when it pleases without requiring your assistance and disturbing you. Similarly, your dog can make use of the dog door and you can have some extra time for other activities.

The cat door also works beautifully if you wish to segregate your pets. If you own a huge dog that loves chasing your cat, then you can have one of the cat doors installed at a door of another room in your home so that your cat can get away safely. Also, if your dog enjoys having your cat’s food, then you can keep it in another room which has a cat door for the cat to get in for meals. The dog door also comes in various kinds; it is up to you to choose the kind which will best match your patio or home.

The dog door and the cat door come in a wide variety and as the advances in electronics continue, the electronic pet doors are becoming more and more sophisticated. The most common type of pet door is the flap cat door that swings out or in as and when the cat goes out or comes in. This kind of pet door comes with a metal frame that is positioned in a suitably sized hole in the door and then screwed into place.

If the pet door is for an interior door, a single flap pet door will work pretty well, but if it is an exterior door for which you need the dog door then a double flap pet door or even a triple flap pet door might be required to keep the weather outside from affecting the temperature indoors. A double flap cat door traps air between the flaps serving as insulation. The triple flap dog door gives even better insulation and keeps the wind and rain out.

Check out the various kinds of pet doors available here; buy a dog door or a cat door and let your pet come in and go out without you having to open and shut the door for it.

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