What Is The Aftermath Of Academic Misconduct

If you are caught committing academic misconduct, you might face various consequences. Some punishments can be less, like suspending for a few weeks to months. Others can be as serious as losing your entire career. Whatever the consequences, it is suggested that you contact an academic misconduct lawyer to help you with the misconduct case. 

Few Common Types of Academic Dishonesty 

Listed below are some academic misconducts and what can be their aftermath: 

  • Plagiarism:

When you are caught copying someone’s work without citing it, or even your work, it is regarded as plagiarism. It is one of the most common forms of academic misconduct.

In the case of plagiarism, a student is not always doing it intentionally. Hence, when you are given a chance to explain yourself.

The punishment for plagiarism can be anything from getting expelled to the destruction of the work that you have created.

  • Cheating:

If you are copying from your fellow classmates during exams or selling academic materials (like theft of question papers), etc., you will be charged with academic dishonesty or cheating. 

The consequences you will face for cheating are severe, as it is always intentional. You might be suspended, expelled from your institution, or have to repeat the year. 

  • Title IX 

It is when someone treats another person in the school with disrespect., harassment, and judgement based on their gender or sexual orientation. Sexual abuse is also a case of Title IX. 

The consequences of these are much more severe than the other two previously mentioned. You might get dismissed from your school, and in severe cases, you might be charged with criminal cases. 

How to save yourself from misconduct?

The first and foremost way to keep away from academic dishonesty is not to commit it in the first place. However, some academic misconduct happens without any intention of doing it, like plagiarism. 

If you are facing a severe case, contact a student defense attorney. They are experienced in dealing with misconduct cases. They prepare you to appear on the disciplinary committee. 


When you are taking admission to an educational institution, go through their code of conduct so that you do not risk any chance of violating the rules. Abide by the rules, do not discriminate or harass anyone and prepare hard for your submission paper and exams so that you do not feel the need of cheating.

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