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The exciting entrance onto the Range Rover Hire scene last year of the Range Rover Evoque seems still to be creating ripples. A dynamic follow-on concept car in the form of the Convertible has just been officially presented to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Playing a key role in Jaguar Land Rover’s strongest ever product showcase at the event, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept was certainly a star of the show.

Receiving much attention, the Cabriolet even attracted the Right Honorable Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business to have a look at the unique car. The JLR CEO Dr Ralf Spieth and JLR Executive Director Mike Wright were on hand to show Dr Cable the new Evoque.

They and other officials from Jaguar Land Rover were however quick to point out however that this ‘bold concept is being shown to gauge reaction and to assess the market appetite for a premium convertible SUV’. Not even through Super Car Hire and no matter how famous a personage you are, could you buy one.

This is only a concept vehicle built to explore the potential for the car in real-life production and sales. Showing off the best of what’s possible though, the open-top Evoque certainly looked spectacular in the flesh. The company themselves admitted that ‘the Evoque lends itself beautifully to a convertible,” according to Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s head of design.

It is public reaction to seeing the demo model at car shows like this, he said, as well as to those sneak-peeks we shared with you last week when the Evoque Convertible was spotted in London, that would contribute to any approval for production.

Featuring a stylishly sleek retractable soft-top and pop-up roll bars in the event of a vehicle roll, the car could easily add a new dimension to your experience when you Rent Range Rover. According to JLR’s global brand director John Edwards, the show car ‘could help Land Rover broaden its customer base by attracting more women and younger drivers’. The conventional Evoque launched late last year has already done wonders for the profile of the marque and is already on course to be its best selling model.

The early reactions from show-goers, motoring journalists and market analysts however demonstrate that the convertible would be an even bigger success, contributing to Jaguar Land Rover’s plans for Range Rover sales to outstrip those of its leading Land Rover brands by 2030.

Despite speculation that the concept is so well advanced that production must be imminent, and that another thousand jobs were recently created at the Hale wood plant, Jaguar Land Rover insist that there are ‘no production plans confirmed as yet’ and that it is only a ‘design and engineering study’.

Whether the open-top Evoque will be available in a few months or a few years, the best way to get behind the wheel of an Evoque is still through Range Rover Car Hire. Given the inclement British weather, the current Evoque available for a short term car hire is still the best bet.

Since any new model will most certainly present a long waiting list, and given the export plans that may take a significant portion of any convertibles produced for foreign market expansion, rental certainly remains the smart way to drive an Evoque.

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