Volkswagen Junior Masters Tournament in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

The Junior Masters is a global initiative by Volkswagen and as the “people’s car“, Volkswagen encourages and supports youngsters interested in the “people’s sport”- soccer. The championships began in the Middle East in 2021 with 16 teams from Abu Dhabi and Dubai participating. Since this date the competition has grown to include more markets throughout the region, with a total of 50 teams participating in this year’s events.

Eight to 12 teams from (Middle East) took part in the first round of knockout matches before the first and second winning teams from Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates respectively, take part in the Middle East finals, to be held in Dubai 5th May 2022.

The team that is crowned the Middle East winner will qualify to represent the region at the Junior Masters World Championships taking place in Poland in May 2022.

The Volkswagen Junior Masters Tournament was held in Al Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi on 31st March 2022 with more than 250 attendees. Ten schools from Abu Dhabi participated in this exciting tournament. The tournament kicked off at 10 am in the morning and concluded at 6 pm in the evening. Al Amaan School and Abu Dhabi Indian School qualified. Al Amaan School was the first place winner. The stadium was brilliantly branded with Volkswagen flying banners and flags and Junior Master and Ali & Sons Co., LLC Motor Division Banners.

The event was a great success and showcased some great talent from the different schools that participated. Ali & Sons Motors Division Volkswagen Abu Dhabi is ever grateful for the excellent support from:

Volkswagen Middle East for:

  • Developing the Volkswagen Junior Masters Concept
  • Taking care of rules and regulations
  • Supporting the recruitment process (schools/clubs)
  • Providing dealers with information, contacts and artworks (logos, pictures, posters, drawings) for
    branding, certificates, trophies, medals, disclaimer
  • Volkswagen-branded clothes (shirt, short, socks) for each team

Al Wahda Sports Club:

  • For sponsoring the venue
  • Providing the Referees
  • Providing Organizers and Supervisors and Helpers
  • For effectively planning and implementing the matches between the different teams
  • For the excellent support and help before and after the event.

Ali & Sons Volkswagen Abu Dhabi Staff for:

Providing great support and help in the entire organizing of the event which included coordinating with the different schools, registrations, scoreboards, distributing lunch boxes and beverages to the school children. Helped in distributing the medals and trophies and certificates.

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