Pet Trained to Engage in Human-Like Activities

Pet owners are always anxious to teach their new found friends tricks. Common tricks often include shaking hands, playing dead and rolling over, but a new set of pet supplies introduced by a small manufacturing company in Idaho may teach dogs, cats and birds new tricks no one even thought possible to teach a pet.

“People always come to us asking us to help them train their pets to do something out of the ordinary”, said Randy Wilson creator of Pets Fun and Games. “People are no longer impressed with just having their dog play dead or roll over; they want something that will knock people’s socks off. Our pet supplies will give them the tools they need to teach their pets some pretty darn cool tricks.”

The pet supplies created by Pets Fun and Games take pet training to a whole new level. One set of supplies focuses solely upon teaching the pets to do tricks and things that are almost human-like.

“We have a set of pet supplies that allows dogs and cats to text or surf the Internet just like humans”, explained Wilson. “No, you won’t see dogs or cats sitting in front of a computer, but you will see them using these special tools to surf the Internet. It’s pretty innovative if you think about it.”

The set of pet supplies called Bark to the Future features a mat that can be hooked up to any Internet connection. This mat features bright pictures and things that pets can easily recognize. When they wish to browse the web or send a text message the pet just has to press the mat and it is set through the World Wide Web to the individual in question.

“Of course there is no way to really teach a dog or cat to surf the web”, explained Wilson. “This is the closest you will get. There are other pet supplies coming to stores near you. There are ones that teach dogs to take their own baths, cats to fill their water bowl on their own, lots of fun stuff is in store.”

The Bark to the Future pet supplies was unveiled at a local cat and dog show. The reaction was extremely positive from those in attendance.

“I think it’s really cool”, said pet owner Sandy Watts. “I miss my dog while I’m at work. Now he can send me a text message and let me know he’s thinking of me. It’s really cool!”

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