Meeting the Bar of Clients’ Expectation

Client satisfaction is essential for client retention and future business expansion. There are many determinants that lead to client contentment regarding the rendered services. The field of law aims to restore order and peace in the life of individuals, organizations, and institutions. Law practitioners, legal consultants and Law Firms work on the same agenda. They act as facilitators between the justice seekers and justice providers.

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However, the prime focus of these law professionals is to provide legal assistance and guidance to the clients who approach them. They offer their specialized services in all the avenues covered by the law. However, apart from executing their legal duties, they also need to show a brilliance in their business-conducting skills. The focus of every trade unit, Services Company and business enterprise are their customers or clients. 

Clients are the end users who actually utilize the offered services, or manufactured goods.

Hence, their approval, and satisfaction is necessary to continue the business operations and build on the brand value. However, it is not easy to ensure that your clients have a great experience of utilizing your service offerings. The most important thing in this regard is that the service providers should deliver what they promise. Credible lawyers, and Law Firms should meet the bar of expectations set by themselves for the clients. Their online promotions, advertisements, and by-word-of-mouth marketing should stand true in the face of reality.

An unrealistic set of service offerings, professional portfolios, and client facilitation mechanisms fall flat when the client fails to experience it after hiring the law professional or law company in question. This raises serious questions, and concerns regarding the credibility, professionalism, and talent of the law practitioners. Consequently, it not only hurts the clients’ personal interests but also shakes their trust in the judicial system.

Hence, it makes it all the more important for the law entities to materialize their professional promises by providing exemplary legal services that truly reflect their passion for their profession and empathy for their clients. Making fake promises, or giving false hopes to the petitioners not only makes them dissatisfied with your services but also makes them a source of negative marketing for your firm or your individual lawyer label.

Something about Legal System in UAE:

Here are a few important points about Legal Systems in the United Arab Emirates. Readers can grab the knowledge, as far as any further legal action is concerned then please book a legal counseling session first, with good Lawyers and Legal Consultants in UAE like Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates by Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba.

  • Law is Federal.
  • The federation head is called as President and the second in command is called as Vice President. 
  • Every Emirates is also recognized as an individual entity.  
  • The Federal Council is the highest authority. 
  • Federal Counsel (Federal Supreme Counsels) has the ministers.
  • All Emirates have legal rights to exercise its jurisdiction. 
  • The Judiciary is fully independent. Judiciary can’t be influenced and they are independent to take decisions.
  • Major sectors like Defense, Health, Foreign Relations etc, have to be governed by the Federation under Federal Laws. 
  • No Body is beyond the Law even the UAE Nationals. 
  • UAE Law is based on Islamic Sharia Law and also influenced by Egyptian and French Law. 

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