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Taxis also go by the names taxicabs or simply cabs. They are vehicles that can be hired by passengers to be taken to various destinations. They only allow one passenger or a small group of people.

The term non-shared ride is used to refer to their operation because no passengers with different destinations can be carried. Passengers choose where they want to be ferried once they get in. Port Canaveral taxi services are known for quality and competency.

As opposed to other forms of public transport where the driver or service provider determines the itinerary, taxi passengers remain in control. There is however other versions of taxi service such as demand responsive transport and share taxis, where both bus and taxi services are offered. The service provider switches between the two modes depending on a few factors such as demand and time of the day.

Major types of taxis are four and each may be referred to differently in different countries. Hackney carriages are the typical ones that people flag on the streets. The drivers have licenses that allow them to get flagged and to stop upon flagging. Passengers dictate the route of travel taken.

The second form is called private hire vehicles, which are also called minicabs or private hire taxis. These ones are licensed for pre-booking alone. They may not be readily available on the streets like the Hackney carriage. The third type is the taxi buses, which also go by the name jitneys. These ones operate on a pre-determined route, carrying several independent passengers. The vehicle may make several stops to pick and drop off passengers.

Limousines are the last kind in this category and they occupy the top in this class of vehicles. From the name, it is easy to notice that they are expensive and specialized. Like minicabs, they are only available upon pre-booking.

Their status makes them preferable by wealthy individuals, celebrities, government dignitaries, and government officials. The four categories differ in aspects like hiring, payment modes, dispatching, methods of regulation, and negotiation, but retain some major similarities.

Central dispatching service is a common feature, with drivers being notified of passenger to pick up. Selection of a cab to pick up a client is done basing on various criteria. One of such criteria is by determining the cab that is closest to dispatch offices. This is done using GPS system to determine positions of various cabs. Experienced drivers know their way around the port as to drop passengers off with ease.

However, for drivers who are not yet aware of their way around the place, roadmaps are usually helpful. Some are also aided by their passengers some times. In places like Port Canaveral, drivers are phasing out manual roadmaps and adopting GPS navigation systems. With GPS, one can reach any destination without having to trouble the passenger with questions about the direction.

Hiring a taxi costs varying amounts depending on various factors. Time is one major factor that drivers depend on when charging, even though in most cases, prices are fixed. Typically, costs are lower during days than nights.

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