5 Essential Tools for Professional Sculpture Work

When we see the finest sculptures works, an idea pops up in our mind about how these sculptures are made. Such innovative artworks will be enough to astonish you and artists in these fields use a lot of tools to curate their inner thoughts through their sculpture statues.

Now, if you are a novice artist and passionate about sculpture art, you must be curious about the tools that artists generally use. We are gonna help you by sharing details of the 5 most essential sculpture tools.

Twisted Wire Rake is basically used for clay sculpting. Here two or more wires are twisted together for a loop making. With the help of this tool, you can blend lumps and bumps and clean the surface and racking of the sculpture work. It can also be used for shaping sculpture work. For any clay sculpture artist, it is a must-have tool.

  • Mini Wire Brush

This tool has the look of a chopstick but it is way more useful for modern sculpture-making. Some clump wires are embedded at the head of a chopstick-looking piece of stick.

Mini Wire Brush is used for smoothing hard areas of a sculpture or the portion of an artwork where there is rich work. Even lumpy areas can be cleared properly with this tool. The tool is mostly used for clay sculpture-making purposes.

  • Rubber Tipped Tools

The use of these Rubber Tipped Tools is broadly seen in the painting. But the tool is equivalently good for creating sculpture techniques. You can use this tool for blending purposes.

This tool works magically on those sections of work where there are requirements for blending different varieties of materials together. The tool has different sizes and shapes and you can choose the appropriate one based on your requirement.

  • Chisels

If you are going to become a stone sculpture artist, the Chisels are important and a must-have tool for you. It is one of the oldest tools of sculpture history but over time there are several changes and improvements occurred with this piece of instrument.

With the help of this tool, you can remove small pieces of unnecessary stone parts from your work even if it is very small. Artists can create the perfect shape of a stone as of their imagination. There are different types of chisels for different types of sculpture art. For example lettering chisels, carving chisels and rounded chisels.

  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

This is one of the best tools used for metal sculpture work. Many top-class artists use this Hypertherm Plasma Cutter to make home decor art from woods, metals etc.

Famous wall art artist Jimmy Don Holmes, uses Hypertherm Powermax 45 Consumables, Powermax 65 plasma cutter and a lot more variations for his art.

Sisters Ariane and Alexia, the two famous sculpture artists combined wood and metal for creating unique art pieces with the help of this Hypertherm Plasma Cutter. Also, there are other famous artists, for example, Cindy Chinn, Kelly Phipps etc. everyone uses Hypertherm Powermax 45 Consumables, Powermax 65 plasma cutter, Powermax30 XP etc. for their works.

So, now you can surely understand which kind of tools you should require to become a sculpture artist. Among all kinds of art and sculpture work, the metal sculpture is such an art that has many practical uses. Many home decor items, creative furniture etc. are made using metal sculpture techniques. As a result, there is a huge demand for metal sculpture tools including Hypertherm Plasma Cutter tools.

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