10 Things Tourists Can Enjoy in The Heart of Pakistan

Tall houses, snow-capped peaks, hot air, green forests, wide deserts You’d assume this stuff couldn’t coexist in the same space when they’re so opposed. In Pakistan, though, this is the standard. This one is for you if you’ve known of Pakistan and developed an interest in it but aren’t sure whether to go or not. Here are some recommendations for activities to consider and sites to see while in the region.

Desi Cuisine

Look for PIA cheap flights to Lahore and sample some of the city’s most popular dishes, from sunset to sunrise (cheesecake allowed!). From burgers and hot chocolate eaten in exclusive ways to steak and even melt the butter heart and brain with veggies, you’ll consider it all here. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Ok, Lahore has far more options than you would imagine, and you won’t feel starving when you’re out.

Agricultural Hub Site

Recognized as the government’s manufacturing center. In Pakistan, this is where the majority of agricultural commodities are grown. This bustling city is brimming with bazaars where visitors can buy anything and everything, from clothing, accessories, furniture, bed linen… you know it!

Historical Invaders City

Peshawar is Pakistan’s ancient town, with a history spanning to about 500 AD. It is close to the region’s Afghan frontier and has acted as a portal for many invaders throughout time, including Alexander the Great, the Huns, and the Mughal empire, to mention a few.

Dusk Till Dawn At Sea

Karachi, as a port city on the Arabian Gulf, is home to few more beaches in Pakistan, including the French Resort. It is well-known among some of the country’s wealthy and also visitors, but it is quieter and much more discreet than its wealthier peers.

Activities at Beach

Clifton Beach is yet another popular destination for both citizens and visitors. It might not be as glamorous as the other coasts, but with events such as horseback riding, along with go-karting, things look now to chill off and enjoy.


If you’re searching for a more difficult trek up snowy peaks, the Nanga Parbat Hike and the Magical Pastures are a good choice. However, you’ll need to be well-prepared, as the weather can be tough to many, particularly at several periods of each year.

Ancient Civilization

Mohenjo-Daro is potentially one of the most important places to visit in the state since it is the site of one of the oldest known cultures. Buildings from the Indus Valley civilization, which goes back to about 2500 BC, can be found here.

Ride in Style

You’ll see colorfully decorated trucks, taxis, motorbikes, and even auto-rickshaws sharing the lane with new vehicles on the road. Go back and continue your hand at all of them just for a fun trip around the world.

World-Famous Mosque

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore is among the nation’s biggest mosques. It’s so large that the Taj Mahal could fit within its walkways. Apart from being a place of praise and meditation, this mosque figured prominently in time by serving as a naval installation.


There are multiple shops and stores strewn throughout Pakistan, selling hopefully everything and below the sky. The Antalkali Bazaar is located in Lahore and was titled after a female who had a partnership with a Mughals king’s son, however according to tradition.

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