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Google Reviews vs. Facebook Reviews: Which is More Important?

Your business takes a complete turn when your consumers talk, and the internet listens. Google

Review make a whole lot of difference. Positive ones can create a sense of trust in the users’ minds, improve the brand image, and attract new users. On the contrary, unmanaged negative reviews can cause potential users to even give a chance.

Research shows that more than 90% of the customers avoid businesses that have hostile reviews.

Controversially, the two most sought-after places to earn reviews are; Google and Facebook. While getting a 5-star rating on both the platforms is amazing but, which one is more important?

To find your answer, make your way to the end of this blog.

Why Should You Consider Getting Reviews On Google And Facebook?

Customers giving reviews are like your cheerleaders, but asking them to share their reviews on more than platforms, is a bit too much.

While reviews are generated naturally by giving your customers the best experience, they are indeed the best marketing tactic that the brands can invest in, just like other digital marketing efforts.

#1 Generates Trust Amongst The Users

Trust is an essential component of thriving in the business, irrespective of the niche. It is the only reason why leads get converted and help the business sustain itself. The graph has shifted from asking friends and family for reviews to going on the internet for the same. Hence, getting reviews on the two most influential platforms is a boon.

#2 Better Conversion Rate

Reviews impact the conversion rate, as potential customers might get inspired to click on the website and make a purchase looking at what the already-existing users have to say about the brand.

They act as an authentic source of advertisement for the brands and can help in increasing sales.

#3 Improves Brand Image

Social Review in every way help in improving the brand image. When more people share their reviews about their experience with the brand, which are positive, it improves the brand’s standing. With an enhanced brand image, it becomes possible to engage audiences, initiate interactions and improve brand awareness.

#4 Better Connect Between The Customer And The Brand

Be it positive or negative reviews, if they are well-responded, can help the brand and its audience connect better. As the audience has satisfaction about investing in the brand.

Moreover, they give an insight into the brand’s performance depending upon which brands can alter their operations and provide the users what they have been looking out for.

Why Are Google Reviews Important?

Google has emerged as one of the most sought-after search engine platforms. Hence, doing anything that improves the Google search ranking is worth it.

A bunch of A-star ratings and positive Google reviews can earnestly increase the position of your keywords. When coupled with a smart SEO marketing plan, positive Google reviews can boost your website to the top of the search page.

Talking about Facebook reviews might show up on the Google results page when a user performs a search, but they do not influence your rankings.

Why Are Facebook Reviews Important?

Facebook is the most important and influential social media platform, having billions of active monthly users. This fact in itself is enough for brands to lay focus on getting more Facebook reviews.

While they might not influence Google’s ranking, they make the users on the platform feel heard, which makes them feel comfortable.

Furthermore, the very reason why Facebook came into existence was to let people conversate without any boundaries. When a user drops a review, there are chances that an actual conversation happens between the user and the brand. This interaction can also help improve the negative impression that the customer holds of the brand while fostering a positive relationship with them.

Verdict: Reviews On Any Platform(Facebook or Google) Is Important

Reviews can take your business by storm. Let your audience be on any platform. But, in order to decide which ones are driving for your brand depends on your current marketing strategy.

If you want to improve your ranking in the search engines, then Google reviews will hold more importance for you. But, if you are looking out to acquire more customers and give a push to word-of-mouth marketing, Facebook is where your target must be placed at.

But hey! Why would you want to choose between any of the two when you can have both to your benefit?

Over To You

Embedding reviews widget is a result-driven way to gather the engagement of your users and generate trust. Leverage both Facebook and Google review strategically to be able to thrive the competition effortlessly.

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