6 Types of Incontinence Pads You Must Have For Elderly

Incontinence pads are multi-layered sheets that absorb wetness. These are mainly useful in hospitals or health care centres. They are useful for bedridden or elderly to absorb wetness and make them feel clean and dry. These are mainly important aids for the elderly to help them be comfortable and clean even in bed.

These are generally made of cotton that is washable or plastic if they are disposable. There are varieties in these, as it depends on the use and purposes.

Different products use these pads mechanisms. The main products are absorbent pads, pull up pants and more.

These pads are specifically useful to absorb the flow. This is extremely leak-proof as it holds the fluid for longer hours.

They are available for everyone who is restricted to less movement or are in a wheelchair. The absorbing capacity of the pads is immense, and the material makes it comfortable to wear.

Different types of pads are available in the market.

Types of Incontinence Pads

Id Expert Slip Disposable

These are highly absorbent pads. These are mainly for those who have moderate or heavy incontinence. This has cotton material at the back and is of anatomical shape. It is very comfortable to use.

This is suitable for those who are immobile. These disposable pads are very much useful when the user is in a seated or reclining position. This comes with an indicator. This indicates to change the pad.

This prevents the bad smell as it has an odour control system. Dermatologists recommend using these pads, as they are latex-free.

TENA Comfort

This provides super leak comfort to the user to be confident. This is a two-piece protection system which is available in five-level of absorbency. This is useful for those who have moderate to heavy incontinence. This has a feel-dry layer surrounding for the comfort of the user. This helps the user to feel dry and clean all day long.

Chair Pads

These pads are suitable to use at home, travelling, on chairs or in cars. This gives extreme safety from any kind of leak. Chair pads are light in weight, waterproof and highly absorbent. Easily useful in long journeys like in train, car or also in flights.

These pads consist of 4 layers. The first layer consists of a stay-dry polyester, so it always remains dry. The second layer is absorbent polyester to absorb all the wetness. The third layer is a mixture of rayon and polyester to provide extra liquid capacity. The fourth layer is a polyurethane membrane that locks the fluid from leaking out to the surface beneath.

These pads are easily washable in the machines with normal detergent so that it can be clean and hygienic. This material can absorb up to 2620 ml/

Abena Delta Form All-in-One

These pads have an advanced system of three-layer absorbent cores. This helps to avoid leakage and keeps skin dry. These pads are easy to wear on the body and secured with adhesive tape.

These pads have soft material at the back for comfort. This comes with an external indication system that indicates the wetness. This is latex-free and suitable for any users.

Abena Abri-San shaped

These pads are mainly useful for those who have moderate to heavy flow. This has three layers that give full protection from any kind of leakages.

This is latex-free and hygienic. This has cotton material at the back for comfort. This is also available in different sizes and absorbing capacity.

Sunset Mini Shaped

These pads are comfortable to use. Its anatomical shape helps to secure it in normal underwear. These pads have a waterproof backing to avoid any bulkiness. This is useful for those who have light or moderate flow.

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