5 Must-Have Features of the Online Ticketing System

An online ticketing system offers many features. But first, it is important that you know the essential ones so that it helps you enhance your business. To reach new customers is a big step but you also need to maintain your existing customers. For that, you need to solve their queries on time, and in return, they can help you from word of mouth to expand your business which will require you no investment.

You can achieve this through an online ticketing system. The features that you choose for your customers will directly impact your business.

Online Ticketing System Features:

1) Workflow Automation:

Every process goes through a workflow, filled with manual tasks and automatic routine workflows. Normally, workflows are filled with manual tasks that are time-consuming and prone to errors. Manual work increases expenses and also reduces efficiency in doing repetitive mundane work.

Workflow automation helps reduce such tasks and helps us with new advanced evolving technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other business processing models to automate and manage processes for your customer service.

It has many pros like no coding is needed to develop this. You just need to define the tasks and rules for service processes. Then the system will automatically perform the tasks based on your requirements. You can also set conditions for your desired actions.

2) Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Customer support teams always have a lot on their plate, so they are often under pressure, as they have strict deadlines to complete, which reflects the company’s image. This manual work is made into tickets to support both the team as well as the clients. It lays a base for the level of service provided by the company.

It is a key factor to measure service performance. Aligning your service support team with technology can make it more hassle-free and easy-going for them. You need to use the right tools to support your customers. SLA is an important help desk feature to help improve your support services and your overall performance.

3) Omnichannel Support:

In this interconnected world, streamlining your customer support efforts across multiple platforms is crucial. To provide customers with a great experience, you need to offer them multiple options for them to choose from to contact you.

Giving them options is giving them the liberty to choose the platform they find convenient to use to get in touch with your company. This makes them feel more comfortable and benefits both sides by improving your overall customer service.

It also helps you track and manage requests and their status from multiple channels. And, it helps you in the support strategy and fulfill the needs of your customers. It helps to make a deeper connection with your customers reaching a new benchmark.

4) Robust Analytics:

To improve your agent’s performance, you need to analyze their reports, which support desk software can help you. This helps them to know where they lack and it is an ideal solution to buy a ticket management system for that very reason.

Feedback reviews from customer surveys help access data related to first response time or for tickets applied by the agents, customer support experience and to know the average rating of a particular agent. Thus, helping you create an overall idea to help you give them targeted training and management on a more personal level.

5) Self-service:

Self-service is a must these days, you may lose customers if you don’t have this service. It is both cost and time-saving. This feature helps troubleshoot their queries and thus, helps them find solutions for their problems on their own. FAQs, chatbots, and community forums offer answers to their questions.

And this way they get instant satisfaction as it prioritizes their inquiries on the spot, giving them the dopamine hit after they solve them on their own. It is a cost-saving feature that helps reduce waiting time and improves customer engagement. Thus, helping you build a loyal customer base.


Managing a huge team is not an easy task, Similarly managing a large customer base is also not an easy task for a businessman. You need to grow and evolve with the technology to help your customers. You need to manage your brand reputation and so, you need to adopt a quality ticket management system, which is omnipresent, automated, and also supports self-service.

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